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As Australia’s fully digitised property sales platform, Rightcost is passionate about assisting you buy and sell online and you get personalised support from our Customer Support Team.

Secure Payments

We accept a variety of online and offline payments. We own a Statutory Trust Account and you can have comfort in the fact that your money, whether as Buyer or Seller, stays safe and secure with us.

AUSTRAC regulated

We are the only online property platform that is AUSTRAC regulated and fully KYC compliant. We conduct all Verification of Identity online via Equifax. You can have comfort in safety and security of our platform.

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How It Works

1. Register your profile

We care about you and your security, so we require all our registered customers to complete verification of identity. To save you time, we have made this available online and it only takes 2 minutes to ensure your safety and security. All you need to do is follow our full registration process and enter your details as it appears on your driver’s licence or Australian passport and our system will do the rest. We do not store any of your ID details and they are only used while your ID is being verified and are then removed from our system. Please refer to our Privacy Policy on how we handle sensitive data and your information.

2. Start making offers and negotiate

We provide all the tools and support you need to buy and sell your property.

You can make offers on any property you have registered your interest in and your offer is automatically emailed to the Seller. The Seller can accept your offer or make a counter-offer, and you may accept that offer or make a counter-offer. This process continues until one of either Seller or Buyer accepts or rejects an offer.

3. Close the sale

Once an offer is accepted, you will be asked to sign the contract of sale and the buyer will be required to make 0.2% deposit on the purchase price before we distribute the signed contract to all the relevant parties. The Buyer is required to pay the remainder of 10% deposit on the purchase price immediately after the contract is signed and distributed.

All monies are held in RightCost Trust Account until the contract of sale becomes unconditional, that is, after the cooling off period. At this point, RightCost deducts their commission fees and transfers the remaining amount of the deposit to the Seller’s conveyancer’s or lawyer's Trust Account.